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(1 MB)

Free demo

Windows all
(32/64 bit)

Thuật toán tìm hợp âm cho mọi ca khúc.
Đơn giản, dễ sử dụng, tương thích 100% với Midi Utility.


(16 MB)


Windows all
(32/64 bit)

Music Note Input Software.
Phần mềm nhập nốt nhạc, tạo ra file MIDI (*.mid),
làm đầu vào cho Midi Utility.
Đơn giản, dễ sử dụng, tương thích 100% với Midi Utility.
Là phần mềm nhập nốt đầu tiên, và duy nhất hiện nay, của Việt Nam.

EasyNote ReadMe

Midi Utility X6

(7.9 MB)

(Require .NET 4.0)
Shareware, see payment

Windows all
(32/64 bit)

Fully Automatic Midi Music Accompaniment software,
with "Fully Automatic Control" external MIDI devices,
such as Yamaha Portatone (PSR-1500, PSR-2100,...),
to create an accompaniment for your tunes, in just a few seconds,
using yamaha styles, ready on your portatone.
(See more details in "Demo Mp3s" page).

MuX6 Player V202

(0.6 MB)

(Require .NET 4.0)

Windows all
(32/64 bit)

MuX6 Player (to use with "Midi Utility X6")
(See more details in "Demo Mp3s" page).

Midi Utility X6 Light


10/2018, Shareware, see payment

Windows all

Fully Automatic Midi Music Accompaniment Software

3D Model Simulator Games

Windows Xp 32 bits

Xem chi tiết (more info)

Midi Player Real-Time Key Detector V116, AkKeyDll V126


5/2008, Demo

Windows all

This demo does Real-Time Key Detection while playing an input midi song. This is a good tool to retrieve Key Information from any Midi Song.
Demo runs normally without detail Key Static and Key Timing information.


MU Styles 1063...1093



MU Styles 1040...1062



MU Styles 1020...1039

More 3/4,Rock,Pop,String Styles


MU Styles 1000...1019

More 3/4, 6/8, Chords Styles


MU Styles 970...999

Pop,Rock,RnB Styles


MU Styles 900...949

Basic Guitar Styles

Midi Utility Quick Guide V426

Windows AVI Video

File size=9.2MB

Phim huong dan su dung, co thuyet minh tieng Viet

Midi Utility Help

Windows HtmlHelp System (.chm)


Ak Midi Keyboard Player V104

Update to V106

Freeware (demo songs included)

Win9x, WinNT, Win2k, WinMe, WinXp.

Plays your karaoke (.kar) or midi (.mid) songs with piano keyboard and VU display. You can use this player to view, how Midi Utility's Demo Songs have been played by Ak Midi Composer. You can play along with the song too.

Midi Utility Help

Windows Help System (.hlp)

File size=895KB

Demo Midis

Demo midi songs

Any PC with a sound hardware.

 Recommended: SB-Live with 21MB GM Sound Font.

Composed fully automatic by Ak Midi Composer.

Demo karaoke song


For use with Ak Karaoke & Midi Player

Composed fully automatic by Ak Midi Composer.


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